Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hi-Steppin' Hitchhiker

Date Placed: April 23, 2011
Letterbox: Hitchhiker
Carver: GreenJello
Planter: deniserows

This hitchhiker might be steppin' on over your way.

Known Stops:
1. Elk Grove, California (started)
2. Sedona, Arizona 3. Flagstaff, Arizona 4. Los Alamos, New Mexico

Like A Virgin

Date Placed: April 23, 2011
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: JEM Trailhead, Virgin, Washington, Utah
Status: Active

When I was 13, a new song hit the airwaves. A singer named "Madonna" had released her single, "Like A Virgin". Oh, how scandalous this song was to a 13yo girl! I can still see the MTV video in my memory, and smile at how shocked my 13yo self was because of this song.

Directions: As you're heading east on Highway 9 toward Zion National Park, you will want to take a right turn on a dirt road signed "Sheep Bridge Road". (If you've passed the Virgin Trading Post, you've gone too far east!) Continue down the road, and cross the bridge. Just after the bridge will be a small pull-off/parking area on your right. Continue on past the cattle guard, cross the wash, and take the right turn just after the wash. Follow that road to the large parking area. Off to the west, you will see the JEM Mountain Bike Trailhead heading out along the edge of the rim (part of the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System). Park, and start walking down the bike path. Very soon, you will see the bike path head off to your left, and that a social hiking trail heads off to your right. Start down towards the river. You are looking for a giant pancake rock that's not far from the bike trail above you. (You'll know when you're at the right rock when the huge house with the playground is due north of where you're standing.)  Up and to the left of the pancake rock is a fat ledge (about 150 degrees when you're standing below the pancake rock). Look for the SPOR under the ledge. Please be sure to rehide carefully, so this box will stay hidden for a long time to come.

Notes: This dirt road is mostly maintained. We took our low-clearance car on it, and made it all the way to the final parking area. Please use good judgment and park further back and finish walking to the final parking area if you have any doubts as to whether or not your car will make it (especially if water is running in the wash)!