Monday, April 5, 2010

Save the Date!

To celebrate the second annual Rocky Mountain Plant A Box Month in June 2010, there will be a gathering held in Utah! Please come and eat, swap some stamps, share some stories, and just hang out for a while with your fellow letterboxers! Families are welcome. We will meet at Wines Park, in Lehi (500 N. Center Street), on Saturday, July 10th, 2010. From I-15, take the Lehi Main Street Exit (#279), and head west. Turn right on Center Street, and travel 5 blocks north to the park.

You can sign up for the event on Atlas Quest here, or contact me through this blog directly. If you are planning on planting a box (or more!) during June, I encourage you to sign up on Atlas Quest (just 'cause it's fun and why not?).

Feel free to bring a picnic lunch with you-- we have the pavilion near the playground reserved for our use. Watermelon will be provided, in copious amounts, for everyone!

If you would like to contribute a stamp to a future Garden Box plant, please bring that with you, too (or carve on site). Flowers, plants, vegetables.... anything garden related welcome! (Also, after receiving many requests, I will be demonstrating how to carve stamps with an x-acto knife for those interested.)

Get out your carving tools, Lock & Locks, and dust off your hiking boots! Sharpen your clue-writing skills, and join those of us who (so far) have committed to planting at least one box during the month of June. Let's all try to plant letterboxing seeds around the state to encourage our hobby to grow!

See you there!


  1. I would *SO* be there. However, that's the last week of school for us, and just not possible. Bummer!!! Next time though! :)

  2. July 10th, not June 10th. :) Hope to see you there!

  3. We are planning on coming. Sounds fun. I will sign up on Atlas Quest because we want to plant a couple boxes. Can't wait to learn how to carve. I've been thinking about contacting you to do a stamp for our family. They are incredible.