Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Miracle Of Hands

Date Placed: May 16, 2010
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: 55 Steps
Logbook: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Ogden, Weber, Utah
Distance:  1/4 mile round trip
Status: Active

Most of us have two hands, with four fingers and an opposable thumb on each. We use them every day, rarely thinking about the miracle that they are. A touch used to soothe, cooking a fine meal, carving rubber stamps...

And for a select few of our population, the hands are used to convey thoughts and emotions. When you are Deaf, your hands become your communication tools with the world.

Many years ago as a small child, I learned some rudimentary sign language. It was my ABCs, but instead of written, they were made with my hands. When I went to college, one of the classes I enrolled in was American Sign Language. I fell in love with the beautiful and intricate language of the Deaf. Never again would I look at hands the same way. The miracle of hands brought me into a new world, one that would leave an indelible print on my heart.

Directions: Look for the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind in Ogden. Once there, head to 9th Street and travel east until it ends at a gate. Go ahead and park, but not after dark! Go east past the gate and follow the paved path. At the T, go right. Left at the next intersection. Continue on up. Oh, look-- Teancum seems to have found something!

Notes: Many thanks to 55 Steps from New Zealand for sending this lovely stamp to Utah to be planted!

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