Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sand Mountain

Date Placed: September 30, 2010
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: Sand Mountain Recreation Area, Fallon, Churchill, Nevada
Distance: 1/4 mile
Status: Active

*********************************************** Sand surfing box is currently missing. Not sure when I will be back through to replace it. Pony Express is still alive and well. ***********************************************

About 20 miles east of Fallon, Nevada, is a HUGE sand dune out in the middle of nowhere along Highway 50. It is the remains of an ancient lake bed, the sands of which have traveled many miles to pile up in this area. It is a very popular recreation area, both with off-roaders and sandsurfers alike. This is an unusual sand dune, though, as it is made up of what is known as "singing sand". Slide down the sand on a steeper part, and you can hear the "booming" or "roaring" sound the sand makes as it moves down the hill. Very cool. This is one of only three singing sand dunes in the United States.

To ride ATVs or use the sand mountain for recreational purposes, there is a fee. (I'm sure if you asked to drive all the way to the sand mountain just to take photos or have a closer look, you could probably get away without paying if you ask them nicely.) Both boxes are hidden before the fee area.

Directions: As you're driving in, park in the first pullout on your right. Look on the east side of the main concrete sign under smaller rocks for the sandsurfer. After rehiding the box very well (please do not stack huge rocks on top of the poor little box-- pay attention to how you uncover it, and recover it in the same way), continue driving down the road until you see a sign that says, "Sand Springs Desert Study Area and Pony Express Station". Head left and park in the parking area. Start down the interpretive trail, and walk over to what's left of the Sand Springs Pony Express Station. What you are looking for is in the northwest corner of the living quarters. Move the flat rock off the top to find a rider waiting to go!

Notes: It is possible that there may be sand buildup on both of these boxes over the rocks. Just brush away what has collected. You may need to move out additional sand from the hiding "cavities" within the rocks before replacing the box.

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