Sunday, October 3, 2010


Date Placed: October 3, 2010
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: Lovers Lock Plaza, Lovelock, Pershing, Nevada
Status: Retired

Locking your love is the ancient Chinese custom of symbolically locking one's love on a never-ending chain. You can forever lock your love with a soul mate, family member, friend or anyone else who is important in your life. This ultimate romantic idea takes place at Lovers Lock Plaza, in Lovelock, Nevada. It's fun and easy, and there are several stores that sell locks right in Lovelock.

Directions: From I-80, take exit 106 and head into downtown Lovelock. Lovers Lock Plaza is located behind and to the left of the courthouse.

On the south-ish side of the center circle of love, you will see a smaller rock next to a larger rock. Move off the smaller rock, and another small rock will be revealed below. Move the second rock and reach deep beneath the large rock to find the Love-Locked Box.

Notes: PLEASE, ADULTS ONLY retrieving this box! Pay special attention to how the two small rocks hide the box and rehide the exact way you found it. This is a meticulously landscaped area, and if you do not rehide it to look natural and landscaped, it will be found!

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