Sunday, June 3, 2012

City Creek Center: Winter Olympics

Date Placed: June 3, 2012
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: City Creek Center, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Status: Active

So many neat things to find in City Creek Center! :)

Directions: South of the fountain, find Ice Spirit. You want to follow the right-hand end of Parallel Arc that points to a large L-shaped rock. Move the smaller flat rock away from the corner.

Notes: Please please PLEASE be very stealthy finding this box! There are very friendly security folks who are ever helpful. Bring a camera, a book, a journal....anything that can be used as a ready excuse. Rehide EXTREMELY well so others can have fun finding this box! IMPORTANT: the flat rock MUST be pushed back in place as far under the big rock as possible. The flat rock sits directly on the box, so don't fill in the area with smaller rocks and make it impossible to slide the flat rock back in place.

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