Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lehi Sugar Factory

Date Placed: October 2, 2008
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: 830 S. 850 W. Lehi, Utah, Utah
Status: Active

The Lehi factory of the Utah Sugar Company was the first beet sugar factory in the Mountain West, the first to use beets grown by irrigation, the first to have a systematic program for producing its own beet seed, the first to use American-made machinery, the first to use the "osmose process" of reprocessing molasses, and the first to build auxiliary cutting stations. This factory also served as a training base for many of the technical leaders of the sugar beet industry of the United States. (Click here for more history...)

It is only fitting that the founding factory of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company have a letterbox.

Directions: From I-15, take exit 278 (American Fork Main St.). Go west off the exit. Turn right at the light at Mill Pond Road. Take your first left, near the bottom of the hill. Just up ahead on your right, you should see the historical marker for the Lehi Sugar Factory — there's room to park in front of it.

Spend some time reading about the history of the Lehi Sugar Factory. It’s pretty interesting stuff! When you’re sure nobody is paying attention to you (and this is a busy area for traffic), find the northeast corner of the cement pad the marker stands on. Move the rocks away from the corner where the cement pad connects to the sidewalk. You’ll find what you’re looking for hiding under the cement pad. Please rehide well with the rocks after stamping.


  1. found it in great shape. 05/25/2009

  2. What a fun interesting place for a letterbox and to learn about Lehi. 6/14/09. Thanks for the fun box (very good idea) and in great shape. I was here from St. George, UT and it was my grand kids first letterbox.

  3. What a great idea... and a clever hiding place. We found it Sunday, July 26, 2009. Thanks!

  4. There is still a lot of construction going there but your box is intact. It was my first letterbox. Thank you :)

  5. The book is nearly full you may need to add another. Great job on the stamp! Cleaver placement too.

  6. We're having fun finding your letterboxes this summer! Great stamps!!

  7. This was out first letterbox find! We loved the stamp!! Thanks!!

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  9. We found it! Unfortunately the bag that it was in had a hole and the contents inside were soaked. We were still able to use the stamp, though.