Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is a blog to post clues to the letterboxes Teancum and I (and the kids!) place. Since we're from Utah, I would suspect that the majority of boxes will be hidden in Utah. :)

Have fun finding our boxes, and please come back and leave a comment when you do!



  1. Where did you find your box? I haven't hid one yet and was curious where you found that one. What a fun past time, I'd like to hide some on my own. You had a lot of folks from all over the country, I was surprised that more people hadn't added to your blog.

  2. Unfortunately, the little box doesn't seem to be holding up well as far as being water tight... I've had to replace it already, even though it was less than 6 months old. In the future, I will only use them for placings that do not have logbooks (like in a series).

    I wish people would stop back by and leave comments! I have their stamps in my logbook, but would love to hear from them, too. :)