Sunday, July 12, 2009

Donut Falls

Date Placed: July 12, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake, Utah
Distance: 1.6 miles round trip
Status: Active

Donut Falls is a fantastic hike, leading you to an impressive waterfall. Donut Falls is aptly named because the stream drops through a hole in the rock, into a cavern below, before continuing down the mountain.


Take I-15 to I-215 East until you reach the 6200 South exit. Turn right onto Wasatch Blvd., then turn left at Big Cottonwood Canyon. The intersection is clearly signed. Travel up the canyon road 9 miles. A turn-off to the right will take you to the trailhead one mile further, past the Jordan Pines picnic area and some private property. The trailhead is at the south end of the parking area.

The trail is family friendly, although small children will need help navigating the climbing portions. The trail is well-marked with signs, and you shouldn't have a problem finding your way.

When you reach the place in the trail where you have a rocky step-down, remember it.

The falls are very close now. Be sure to take some time to enjoy this very beautiful waterfall.

On your way back, don't forget the spot where you first climbed down the rocks. When you reach the top of these rocky "stairs", continue down the trail approximately 20 paces. There should be a small trail to your left. Go up that trail about 12 paces, and you will see a large straight-sided rock to your left (see photo below).

The box is under the side of the big rock that faces the main trail. Move a smaller rock out of the way, and the box will be underneath.

Notes: If you plan on crossing the stream and/or climbing the rocks up to the waterfall, hiking shoes/boots are highly recommended!

This box is inaccessible during the winter. Best time for this hike is July - September. June has been known to still have a fair amount of snow and mud, and spring runoff can make it almost impossible to hike to the falls.

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  1. LOVED this hike! This was our last outing before returning home after our vacation. My 8-year old wasn't that excited to venture out. When it was over, he said, "Well, it was kinda boring and kinda fun." In other words, he had fun and was glad he came along. After finding it (7/30/09), we went and celebrated with Krispy Kreme donuts! Thanks again for providing such classy boxes in wonderful out-of-the-way places.