Monday, July 6, 2009

Rocky Mouth

THE ORIGINAL BOX WENT MISSING LESS THAN 48 HOURS AFTER PLACEMENT. Please be really stealth about finding and re-hiding this Letterbox.

Original Date Placed: July 6, 2009
Replacement Box Placed: July 12, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello and Teancum
Location: 11300 S. Wasatch Blvd., Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah
Distance: 1 mile round trip
Status: Active

Rocky Mouth Canyon is a quick hike, and has a beautiful payoff at the end. An unexpected waterfall this close to "civilization" is a wonderful surprise!

This is a special place for Teancum and I... we exchanged our wedding rings here in 2006, at the base of the falls. We hope you enjoy this place as much as we do.


From I-15 South: Take exit 295 (9000 S.) and turn left. Follow 9000 S. for approximately 5 1/2 miles to Wasatch Blvd. Turn right and follow Wasatch for 2 miles to the trailhead parking on your left.

From I-15 North: Take exit 291 (12300 S.) and turn right. Follow 12300 S. for approximately 3 miles to Wasatch Blvd. Turn right and follow Wasatch for 2 miles to the trailhead parking on your right.

Climb up the stairs to the neighborhood above the parking area. Follow the sidewalk to your right, and head up the hill. The entrance to the trail will be on the right hand side, at the bend in the road, between two homes.

Hike the trail to the waterfall, as far as you can before the trail ends. Depending on the time of year, running water may cover part of the trail. (You know you've reached the end when you're approximately 50 feet from the main falls-- reference the photo above for what the main falls look like at the top.) There will be a tree near the water, the last one before the wall of rock. Look to your left, and you will see a steep climb. Count three trees up the hill close to the wall of rock, including the one by the water. You will stop counting when you reach a lone tree next to a large blackish rock. Climb to the tree and reach deep under the rock on the right hand side. There are smaller rocks underneath. Move them out of the way, and what you seek will be revealed.

After you stamp, please be sure the letterbox is hidden carefully away again, deep under the rock (to avoid being washed down the hill by water), with the smaller rocks back in position.

Notes: This is a short, but steep hike. It's short enough that you can sling a fold-up chair over your shoulder to sit for awhile and enjoy the falls. It is a bit of a steep climb to where the letterbox is hidden, but a very short distance.


  1. Well, when I saw that this was just planted a few days ago, I thought I might have a good chance at being the first one...boy was I wrong.

    But -- I did leave you a hitchhiker that I found last weekend while letterboxing at Bear Lake. That was the first hitchhiker I've ever found, and it was pretty fun to look through.

    I enjoyed the hike and I think you've found a great spot for the letterbox. I got a little confused because part of the trail was underwater which left me confused as to where the trail actually ended. But, I did find it -- the "blackish rock" clue was the key for me.



  2. Hello,
    My nine year old b/g twins and I took this little trek today. It was wonderful. It was our third try at letterboxing this summer and the FIRST we actually found still in place. We were thrilled. Enjoyed it so much stayed for 90 minutes and snacked, enjoyed the beauty of the place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks to Quinn as well for placing the "hitchhiker". We tucked it safely away in it's original place. Thanks again. Stacey

  3. Lovely place to hike! We took our two little girls, and infant in a pack - the distance was just perfect! We were surprised how popular the trail was, but did pack a lunch, and enjoyed splashing in the shallow water. Thanks!

  4. My 5, 7 and 12-yr olds and I were hiking this canyon on a whim yesterday, never having heard of letterboxing. My 7-yr-old daughter, always on the lookout for pretty rocks and keepsakes, happened upon the box. (We were also on the lookout for other peoples' trash to gather, of which there was plenty.) As we sat by the falls she opened the box and found its treasure. We gathered and read every article, including a hitchhiker, replaced everything but one of the instruction cards we were told we could take, which led us to this site.

    Can't wait to learn more and get started! We're hooked already!

  5. took my 5, 9, 11 yo kids today! along with some friends who had looked up your LB! SO sad I didn't have my stamp or a pen! we did however leave a bunch of fingerprints in the book!! easy to find and a Beautiful spot!

  6. Update: nov 2012. My husband and I went searching for your letterbox today. Beautiful spot in the fall- golden levee everywhere. But the letterbox is definitely gone. We found the spot and we are positive we were in the right place- but we searches under the rock at that tree forever and sad to report there was nothin to be found