Friday, July 24, 2009

Point of the Mountain Flight Park - North

Date Placed: July 24, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planter: GreenJello
Location: Northside Point of the Mountain Flight Park, 15270 S. Steep Mountain Drive, Draper, Salt Lake, Utah
Status: Active

If you've ever driven around Point of the Mountain on I-15, you most likely have seen the many, many hang gliders and paragliders that soar in the air above the mountain. I know that my kids have counted as many as 36 at one time! Most people aren't aware of this, though, but Point of the Mountain is known worldwide as one of the best places to launch yourself into the air.

If you're like me, you've wondered how those folks get on top of the mountain. Or what the view would look like from up there. When you're feeling adventurous, and want to get a small taste of what the gliders love, come visit the Northside Point of the Mountain Flight Park. Observers are welcome!

If you want to see gliders up close and personal, the best time to come is in the evenings, 5pm to sunset.

Directions: From Salt Lake City, take I-15 south to the Bluffdale Exit (#288). Head east from the exit. Take a right on Traverse Ridge Road, and a right on Manilla Drive. Follow Manilla Drive until you reach the stop sign at Steep Mountain Road; turn right. Head west to the Flight Park.

Park near the entrance, by the sign that tells you that you have arrived at the North Flight Park. There are 4 large rocks to the left of it. On the side of the large rock closest to the sign, there are some smaller rocks hiding what you seek. Please rehide VERY well, as there is little cover in the area to conceal a box.


  1. We were up there around 8:00 and there was a ton of action. I can't believe that park is there and I haven't been there. We stayed for about an hour just watching the paragliders land. My son loved the remote control model airplanes flying. This is our favorite location yet.

  2. I need you to reply asap, the letterbox might be stolen. I'm only in draper for a short time and this one sounded interesting to do with my nieces. Yet we arrive and either the directions are misleading or the box was stolen. I don't know why but non-letterboxers can't just read those dang notes thank you obi-wa- I mean greenjello you're my only hope.