Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Banana Tree

Date Placed: August 5, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planter: GreenJello
Location: American Fork Hospital, 170 North 1100 East, American Fork, Utah, Utah
Seasonal: This box is only available Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day
Status: Available

Only available Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day!

Nestled in the middle of American Fork Hospital, there is an amazing place known as "The Healing Garden". Flowers, trees, shrubs, rocks, and greenery of all kind await your pleasure. Even a small waterfall soothes the tired soul!

But the most amazing thing about this hidden garden are the banana trees. Banana trees in Utah, you incredulously ask? Yes, I reply. Banana trees. With bananas growing on some of them.

If you want to go see banana trees, American Fork is the place to be.

Directions: Take the American Fork 500 East exit from I-15 (#276). Head towards the mountains off the exit. Take a right on State Street. Take a left on 1100 East. Follow the road until you see the hospital on your right. Enter in the first hospital entrance, on the south side of the hospital. Go east through the parking lots, through the stop sign, where the road will then turn to the north towards the Education Center. Park in the parking lot near the Education Center. After parking, walk towards the hospital. Go down the sloped road, where the dumpsters are. To your right, you will see a sidewalk headed off to the northwest, going through and under the building. Follow that, and you will find yourself in "The Healing Garden".

Find the "Reaching" statue. From there, follow the retaining wall to an uphill slope that leads to a flagstone path. Next to where the path starts, you will see a large black rock. Behind this rock, under the bush, will be the letterbox.

Notes: This area is very busy during lunchtime (11:30-1:30pm). Please be discreet! Bring your own lunch with you (or get something in the next door cafeteria), and sit for awhile.


  1. Found it. How did I not know that was there. It's beautiful. I even got a chance to talk to Carlos who gave us a quick tour of the bananas and oranges. He even let my nephew sit in the tractor for a picture. Another great stamp.

  2. That's probably my favorite thing about letterboxing-- finding places you didn't know existed! And then planting and sending others to places you know about and they don't... :)

    Carlos is an amazing gardener, and so very nice! I'm glad he was there when you stopped by.