Friday, August 21, 2009

Jack Attack

A bulldozer has decided to come and level the nice, large pile of boulders. After much moving of boulders, we could not find Jack. Still can't find Jack. So I carved a new Jack to find! :)

Date Placed: August 21, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planters: GreenJello, Teancum, Moon Spirit
Location: Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake, Utah
Status: Retired

Our daughter has decided to change her trail name, and henceforth, her signature stamp. So we're going to retire her old stamp (one of my very first carves) to a favorite location of hers.

You seek the haunted ruins just down the road from where swine soak (and maybe get a bit tipsy?). Find the gravel trail across the street. Follow it north-ish until you see a large pile of boulders to your left. One roundish rock stands out, more so than the others. Behind it to the left, in a hole under the rocks, a flat rock hides Jack. Hunt at night with flashlights for a spooky experience!


  1. I'd never been to these "haunted ruins" before. I'd heard about them, but never seen them. Fun! And creepy!

    Unfortunately, the rocks under the letterbox weren't entirely stable, and when I replaced the box, the rocks shifted, and I heard it fall pretty far under the large slab that was partially hiding it. I reached as far back there as I could, but couldn't feel it. Maybe you'll be able to reach it, maybe you can excavate a little around it to get it out, but I'm afraid that where it sits right now it won't be found.


  2. No worries! Jack has been excavated and put back in place. :)