Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best of the Bakeries: Flour Girls and Dough Boys

Date Placed: August 12, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planter: GreenJello
Location: 35 N. Barratt Ave, American Fork, Utah, Utah
Status: Active

Flour Girls and Dough Boys is a wonderful little bakery and cafe, located in American Fork just off Main Street. Everything is made from scratch, with only the best ingredients. Breads, pastries, cookies, sandwiches, soups, salads, cupcakes, brownies... They use real butter for their baked goods and pastries, so the taste is fantastic. (There's no calories in the treats if you're a letterboxer, of course!)

My favorites? So hard to choose.... I'd have to go with the chocolate-chip shortbread cookies, and the creamy tomato basil soup. If you want one of the shortbread cookies, be sure to come earlier in the day. They go fast!

Directions: Take the American Fork Main Street exit (#278) and head east off the exit. Keep driving down Main Street until you reach Barratt Avenue (about 150 West). If you pass the movie theatre, you've gone too far. Turn north on Barratt, and the bakery is just up the road on your left.

To the right of the main entrance outside is a window, with seating in front of it (during the warmer months). At the left edge of the sill, there is a skinny, vertical rock. It can be removed to reveal a micro-box behind. Please be very stealthy in finding and replacing this box!


  1. Found the box today! We love Flour Girls and Dough Boys! Your log book is almost full.

  2. This was our very first letterbox find! So awesome. Our kids loves being sleuthy! This has sparked their interest in finding more. Onto the next letterbox.

  3. We are from AZ and were in UT last week. This was our very first letterboxing find and we are suddenly hooked! We also loved the bakery and will add it to our 'must-do's' when we are in UT. Our favorite was the lemon bars. The book has just a couple pages left. Thanks for the fun!

  4. We have become your biggest fans this summer! My children and I LOVE your boxes and creative stamps...I've taken my family visiting in town and my Young Women group. Just a note...2 of your "logs" are completely filled up. The one at Flour Girl and Dough Boys and the Haunted Forest!

  5. So much fun! Stumpers found Go Fish and Best of the Bakeries today! We ordered one of each cookie -- yum yum. We'll have fun with your treasure hunts all summer!! Thanks!