Friday, October 16, 2009

Goblin Valley

Date Placed: October 16, 2009
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello
Planter: GreenJello
Location: Goblin Valley State Park, Emery, Utah
Duration:  Allow 1 hour round trip to where the box is hidden
Status: Active

Goblin Valley State Park is one of Utah's best kept secrets. When you step into the Valley, it is like taking a step into an alien world. The rock formations are some of the strangest you will ever encounter. Early explorers called it "Mushroom Valley" because of the typical shape of the rocks. It is a photographer's paradise, with both sunrise and sunset being excellent times of the day to get amazing photographs. Plan to spend a few hours wandering among the goblins, enjoying their beauty. For those who wish to spend longer in the area, there is a developed campground with water at Goblin Valley.

Directions: From I-70, head to State Route 24 and turn south. Travel on SR24 for 30 miles until you see a sign for Goblin Valley State Park; turn right. Follow this paved road for 6 miles and turn left when you see another sign pointing the way to Goblin Valley. After about another 6 miles, you will arrive at the entrance station to Goblin Valley State Park where you will pay a $7.00 entrance fee. If you'd like, stop at the Visitors Center for some information on the area. Follow the road up to the T intersection; turn left. Continue on the road until you reach the parking area.

From the pavilion with the picnic tables: go to the corner of the railing, closest to the parking area, that looks out over the valley. From there, off in the distance, sight the small greenish dome at 120 degrees. Hike down into the valley to the dome, heading around the left side of it. To the north of the dome, not far away, is the entrance to a cave. Hike on over, and climb in. Use your flashlight and stay to the left as you go deeper into the cave. At the very end, you will reach a soft, sandy floor, with a small opening in the top of the cave.

After exploring the cave, exit it and immediately turn left. Walk a few steps and spot a second cave up 15 feet on your left. Continue walking and straight ahead scramble up the boulders (to your left) spilling out of the large crack. You end up above the first cave and at the back door of the second cave. Find the lower cave's vents and look on the ledge 3 feet above them. Box is behind a rock, out of sight.

Notes: Some rock scrambling is REQUIRED to find this box! If you bring children with you, they will need help to safely traverse the entrance and inside the first two-thirds of the cave. For your safety, bring a flashlight and wear proper footwear (hiking shoes or boots highly recommended!). Please exercise caution and do not take unnecessary risks.

This is desert country! This hike can get extremely hot during the summer months, and very cold during the winter months. Bring adequate water, sunscreen, and wearing a hat is highly recommended in sunny conditions. Don't forget your camera!

Many thanks to Boxer Lover47 for rescuing the box and adding a replacement stamp!


  1. This is a great location for a find. I've been to Goblin Valley many times and never new this cave existed. The kids loved it! It looks like we were the 2nd to find this one.

  2. Just found the box yesterday (Nov. 14)! We are Geocacher's and were excited to see it. We'd been in the cave before and completely missed the box. We found it by accident. The box was completely soaked. but a pencil we had handy let me write our names in the log and date it.

    Contents to date:
    1 log book
    1 spongey cloth
    Various Change Coins -- Quarters to Pennies
    Button with a three headed man

    We weren't expecting so didn't trade anything. Left it how we found it.

    Thanks for the great find in a GREAT LOCATION!


  3. Found it on Mother's Day, 2011 (May 8th) -

    We couldn't write anything in the full and soaked box... but was an AWESOME find.