Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello From Arizona!

Date Placed: June 6, 2010
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: Romana
Logbook: GreenJello
Planter: GreenJello
Location: Orem, Utah, Utah
Status: Active

This is part of the "Hello From The United States!" series of boxes.

Arizona, among other things, is known for lots and lots of golden sunshine.  To find a piece of Arizona in Utah, it's time to head to Orem.

Directions: From I-15, take the 1600 North exit (#273). Head east, and travel almost the full length of the road. Just before it turns to the right, make a left on Skyline Drive. Drive a bit further, and take a right on 1810 North. Continue up to the top, and park in the circle. Head up the paved road to the large rock wall behind the gate. About in the middle of the wall, find the rock that looks like someone was trying to start a tic-tac-toe game on it. (If you're short, you will need to look up a bit!). The piece of Arizona is underneath.

Don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view from this spot! Please rehide very well so the box cannot be seen from the road.

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