Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello From Utah!

Date Placed: June 1, 2010
Letterbox: Traditional
Carver: GreenJello

Planter: GreenJello
Location: Memory Grove Park, 300 North Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Distance:  About 1.5 miles round trip
Status: Active

This is part of the "Hello From The United States!" series of boxes.

There are so many amazing things about Utah, I had a difficult time figuring out what stamp to carve to welcome people to our wonderful state. Utah was first settled by Mormon pioneers, who built an impressive temple in the center of Salt Lake City. We are known as the Beehive State, because of our hard-working people. There's plenty of history here-- the first Transcontinental Railroad across the United States was completed at Promontory Summit in 1869 with a celebratory golden spike being driven home. But the pioneer settlers weren't the first ones in our state-- there is a rich supply of Native American artifacts and ruins that include incredible petroglyphs, found statewide. Even more ancient items are found here...Utah has been a huge discovery place for dinosaur bones.

We certainly can't forget the natural beauty that abounds in Utah. From the state flower, the sego lily, to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains (I love having Mt. Timpanogos in my backyard!), to amazing sandstone features such as Delicate Arch, there's no shortage of variety. There's also wide assortment of wildlife, including free-range buffalo on Antelope Island. All this beauty affords many recreation outlets-- Utah has "The Greatest Snow On Earth", and hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Off-roaders love the many sand dunes found in southern Utah. Hikers have no shortage of scenic hikes, with trails covering the state.

So the quandary remains... what to carve???

Directions: Find a place to park your car, and start wandering northward in the lovely Memory Grove Park.

Non-paved path begins.
Bench and semi-circular wall.
Stairs and an altar of sorts.
Off leash area begins.
Rock walls and a lamp post.
Three green poles in a row.
Small wooden footbridge.
Cement bridge.
Another cement bridge.
Rock walls.
Black columns.

Go up right side of pipe, past the second cement holder. Look to your right and find the moss covered bumpy slab cement looking flat rocks. Move the smallest one off the top to find the box.

Notes: Please replace the box vertically so that the handle is on the top. This will help keep the contents dry!

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